Communication with the client becomes simple!

mySupport is a web application designed to exchange information between your company and customers.
The application allows users to add support issues, see their status and accept or reject service conditions. 


What are you gain when you have mySupport application in your company?

Your customer will become much more independent.
Using the application will complete key information about the support issue.
Thanks to this, you gain more time to solve the existing problem.


You have an application with a clear user interface!

The ability to personalize the appearance of the home page by changing the layout and availability of titles
allows for more effective use of the application.

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You share knowledge

Using Knowledge Base Articles, you can share educational materials with selected customers.
Here you can place, among others guides, instructions, service materials.


You manage support issues!

 Thanks to the application, you can more effectively manage your company's service.
Using mySupport, the customer can report a fault in the form of a support issue.


Adding notes to support issues makes problem identification even simpler.
The ability to attach files (e.g. photos) allows you to quickly identify the fault and
store electronic documentation in one system.


After the repair, the employee changes the method of its solution.
He also records the time he devoted to its implementation.


It is easier to identify the fault occurred

You can combine support issue with resources such as buildings, devices, cars.
Thanks to this, the response to the service request is even faster.


You have a mobile version of the application

The adapted interface of the application for mobile devices allows you to keep track of company activities 
not only from your computer. 

mySupport mobile version

 You have the possibility of flexible application configuration!

The ability to implement new functionality makes the application fully adapted to the daily needs of the user. 
Listening to users' needs and implementing new functionalities make the mySupport application effectively support
your company's activities. 

Decide how you use the application. For example, information about the appearance of a new service request may be
automatically forwarded to selected Service Agents or Service Manager via e-mail.
Who and how it is notified depends on you.