Tracking objects rental

The Profesal system gives you the ability to plan and track a project's budget during its implementation. Determining the profitability of the project starts already when preparing the offer for a particular project. By forecasting revenue and costs, the level of planned margin is the target of the project. In order to make good decisions, managers must have constant access to up-to-date data on completed and ongoing operations. Only through full discernment in the current situation it is possible to manage leading the organization to market success.

Work time registration
Employee time register attendance functionality makes it easy to manage time, precise billing, reduce costs, contributes to the efficient operation of the company and lets you know the real cost of organizing and carrying out tasks. This functionality allows you to enter the time planned for task execution by individuals or groups of people and eliminates traditional paper collection lists and monthly work time billing. This functionality allows you to find out how much it costs to design or perform a specific task and sum up all planned data from project tasks, making it easy to evaluate a given project. 

Resource management  

Business cars, laptop, training or conference rooms are usually shared by a group of employees. The Profesal system monitors the status of the resource, stores important documents and information, and increases the comfort of using company resources. 


The system is equipped with calendar that visualizes the tasks associated with the resources. You can do many actions: view detailed information about the jobs date, modify a list of related people, register a new job or change the status of an existing job.

Project management

Profesal has developed a functionality that helps companies strengthen their sales competence and manage both the budget of individual projects and the budget of the entire organization. There are several types of projects in the Profesal system: sales, implementation, budget and standard projects. In projects you can designate a team with assignable, freely defined roles, also specific to the industry specific user. The system also allows you to document meetings in the form of notes, attach electronic files, needed resources, such as a business vehicle or spare parts, as well as a production site. Project management in the Profesal system helps effectively achieve the result set by the project team. It also enables you to document the entire process at the time and finance level so that managers can continually analyze and streamline the project processes in the company.

Organization of work

Work organization is an element that affects communication between different task teams. Thanks to the swift exchange of needed information, employees are able to plan activities, track progress, and supervise the commissioned work. The Profesal system acts as a central database where keep all the counterparties. An important part of the program is also the ability to catalogue the activities of people employed in the company - all work is documented as notes or files. Whether it's a project-related or a service call, you can accurately track the time, cost, and quality of your project. This facilitates not only the accumulation of valuable information, but also improves customer service and helps build a strong market position.

Document management

A frequent problem in organizations is the appropriate document retention method. Profesal is the answer to these challenges because it allows you to attach documents to companies, individuals, sales projects and notes. It also provides an easy-to-use search engine that lets you quickly find the document you are looking for. The user in each of these places can store documents electronically. By conducting the project, there is no need to search for documents and files in several places. In the 'Files' tab, the user has access to the database files of the object. In addition, the Profesal system is equipped with a search engine, which will searches the database in seconds and display the result. 

Customer relationship management (CRM)

The Profesal system streamlines the processing of data stored by the company, thus helping to process the sales and customer service. The information you hold is also helpful in sustaining and building a trust-based and trust-based business relationship. On the other hand, observing customer behaviour and capturing those non-standard, like decreasing the frequency of orders or contacts, makes it easier to respond to changes. The system supports users in simple activities such as storing contact information, meeting notes, reminders related to important deadlines in ongoing projects. Accessing the database at any time allows you to learn the current state of affairs, increase productivity and troubleshoot exchange issues in a traditional way. These include contact information, business transactions, issues, sales problems, problems and ongoing sales. Hundreds of emails or spreadsheets that have not been organized in any way, thanks to Profesal, can create a data library that collects data in a structured way. 

Integration with telephone exchanges

Currently our system supports selected models of Polish manufacturers: Slican (CTIP communication) and Platan (PCTI protocol). Support for Ericsson's CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications) is also supported. Make a phone call by clicking on the user number, manually dial a number in the dial panel or from call history and use with more function.    

Product management  

Product management functionality enables product accounting and segmentation. Introduction assortment to the system and its division allows you to create a pricing policy and to execute one of the most important processes in trading companies - creating offers. Having one consistent base, sales activities become more organized. Managers gain insight into additional analysis, for example, of products that are often offered to customers. 

Service management  

The Profesal system enables efficient management of service requests. All other information about them, such as priority and progress, solution, documents and time saved for resolution, register of working time needed to complete the task. Customer service requests are registered in the Profesal system by the person responsible for the service or are automatically imported from the email service box into the application. An option is to integrate an external web site that allows you to send requests directly from the web site. All data is retained in a report format in an unrestricted manner. 

Building knowledge base  

The knowledge base can be supplemented not only by maintenance information, but also by additional product information from the company's offerings, as well as descriptions of internal practices in the organization. Specification of procedures is especially useful for companies that have implemented an ISO system, as they may, if need be, refer to the company's rules. In this way, the employees will easily get the knowledge they need in daily work, which in return will improve the internal exchange of information, improve the quality of customer service and secure the knowledge and experience of the company. 

Data analysis

Profesal software is designed to model and reflect the business processes taking place in the enterprise. Information about the steps taken within each task or project is kept up to date, as is the effect of the work being carried out. Each user can take advantage of the built-in reporting capabilities of the application, and the data will be forwarded in an ergonomic and legible manner, such as tables and graphs. The system gives you the benefit of personalized reports, tailored to the requirements of the company, detailed analysis of all areas of the company's operation, the ability to create reports on their own manager panel.